August 2014

charles meets molly penny

Charles (centre) from our lab was lucky enough to receive a visit from Mollypenny (right), a wonderful clown who works at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario next door. Mollypenny is a Therapeutic Clown who helps children, youth and their families to cope with the stress of illness, injury and having to stay in the hospital. You can write to Mollypenny here.

May 2014

Stephanie talked to a patient support group from the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada about the difficulties inherent to treating brain cancer, and some new approaches (including our lab's oncolytic virotherapy) that are yielding promising results.

September 2014


The Stojdl Lab received a great donation from the Three Strohm Sisters Foundation and the Ottawa Police Service in memory of Karla Santos to support our work on oncolytic virus biotherapies for children's cancers! Huge thanks to all involved in fundraising.

October 2014

Dave recently attended an evening dedicated to thanking all the people that made donations to support our research at the CHEO research institute over the last year.


This jello brain, prepared by paediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Vassilyadi, is a fun representation of one of our top target organs for oncolytic therapies!


October 2014

We recently invited a group of Grade 12 biology students from L'École secondaire catholique L'Escale de Rockland to visit the Stojdl Lab! After telling them all about the type of research we do, we opened our lab doors to introduce them to the cool science of tissue culture, pipetting protein samples and loading DNA into gels! Find out more here.

This month's issue of popular science magazine, Scientific American, features an editorial article written by Dr. Stojdl together with his collaborator, Dr. Mahoney, and writer Gordon Laird.


The article, "Can Viruses Treat Cancer?", explores the history and ideas behind using viruses as tools to blast tumours.

November 2014


December 2014

NCE Announcement Dec 2014

Royal Galipeau, member of parliament for Ottawa-Orléans, announced $25M in funding to develop new biotherapeutics for cancer, including the Stojdl Lab's own oncolytic virus research. A further $35M will be donated from funding partners to create a total of $60M in new funding over 5 years.


This funding comes through BioCanRx, a new Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada (NCE) that will support research into biotherapeutics and immunotherapies for cancer research.

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